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About Us

Allie's Twisted Ice

Allie's Twisted Ice, Eastern Shore’s newest food truck, combines the sweet, refreshing taste of all-natural fruit with the satisfying texture of Italian ice and creamy ice cream – giving it a twist! Using premium ingredients such as real fruit puree and real cane sugar, Allie’s Twisted Ice offers a top of the line ice that won’t leave you feeling guilty. Our ingredients are all-natural, so you won’t find any high fructose corn syrup or any other liquid syrups for that matter. In fact, most of our ingredients are dairy, gluten, and fat free as well as vegan! Feel the thrill of the chill with Allie’s Twisted Ice!


Summer Menu

Single - $3

Double - $5

Twisted Add Ons

Sweet Cream


Lemon - edit.jpg

Loopy Lemon Thyme

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Pina Colada

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Magic Mango

Strawberry - edit.jpg

Sassy Strawberry


Blackberry Bliss

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Poppin' Passionfruit







Wingfingers Grand Opening

25 Greeno Rd S, Fairhope, AL | 4pm-7pm

Come be one of the first to try a sample of our twisted ice!


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